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Tem Gari is a minor faction composed entirely of newfags. i am midfag now! tem gari used to make bases and watch them get griefed, so they have temporerily converted into a nomad faction.


  • StrangeYT_ (founder)
  • Mistyfeather42
  • Mirah262
  • Benjibox9876 (bookbanned)
  • soggytoes123
  • Loui_Tron (FIRED)
  • jolte0n


  • the flying Church (469 132 -30,000)

Tem Gari's first base, stupidly close to spawn. mainly a floating church to our schools possum

status: griefed by Mexsin13 * sob sob *

  • jungle campout (somewhere around 40,000 out)

The second tem gari base, at bedrock level with nether brick floors. we got our first ever redbull here

status: blown up by tem gari, in order to move on to another base

  • submarine (nearly 50,000 blocks out)

tem garis first underwater base. this is when flyingtimtam and Loui_tron joined the team

status: griefed by Loui_Tron


the largest ever tem gari base and the second underwater base. this was just an outpost while Mirah262 tried to get to worldborder via elytra, timer and the nether

status: griefed by meep_ninja after mirah262 got to wb

  • bunker (worldborder)

think district 13

status: griefed by team autism support

custom client

in the works!