"Don't be afraid, step right up, step right up Take your turn at the legendary wheel of karma But remember that what goes around Comes back around Goes back around to you"

~ Lil Darkie (Genocide)

Who is ThePrxjekt/Sadprn?[edit | edit source]

I found 0b0t together with a 9b9t group named Spooken. We made our first base in April 2019 and found a new dupe. One day after we made the base, a old griefing group attacked us and we left this base.

The group had inside problems. One half left the group, the other half founded the group Akatsuki (Griefing Group). I was now lonely, exploring spawn and meeting players like tntpower10, PixelatedBrayden and 0bOp (the admin). In Summer 2019 i found a chunk error near spawn and told it PixelatedBrayden, who killed me there accidently. 1 day later ProGab builded VoidTemple right there.

Late summer 2019 i founded New Spooken together with tntpower10, ThunderClound and 1_p. I went pretty inactive after rebuilding VoidTemple together with tntpower10 and making some highways.

After another time rebuilding VoidTemple i quit 0b0t because the community changed to much.


oh wait, im back. I never thought i would come back but i finaly got my stuff right and enough time to play on this server again. much changed in this time and i changed my username and skin. my new name is Sadprn becuz its my artist name too, my alt is FemboiHooter

i hope i can get back into this shit haha

nah fuck it to many new ppl calling me new haha nobody knows me anymore this epic

Lil Facts[edit | edit source]

Joindate: 5th April 2019 (i think)

Quitdate: 30 July 2020

Rejoined: 2 November 2020

Status: Active

Team: New Spooken

Main Activity: Exploring

Rare Stuff I have (lemme flex with that rel quick): first Zenolite sword ever made

Friends: tntpower10, ProGab, ltxchi

Skin[edit | edit source]

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