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This group was founded by tweetsauce, wetpp, PixelatedBrayden and zopac on the 29th of February, 2020. The 4 Amigos are currently only on 0b0t and collect illegals. PixelatedBrayden and tweetsauce funded most of the illegals, wetpp also has contributed to the illegals, zopac, unfortunately, wasn't on during the backdoor and never got any himself. their collection of items will be listed down below.

wetpp was here TOPKEK

Illegals we have.

Enchanted End Portal Frames

Enchanted Command Blocks

Enchanted Barriers

Enchanted Redstone

Enchanted Spawners

Enchanted TnT

Armor with 32k enchantments (reverted but still op)

Enchanted books without enchantments

32K Melons

Placed Pig Spawner

Sharpness 1 Diamond Hoes

Swords with NBT tag

NBT Furnaces

Arrows of Splashing with no effects

Firework Rocket (no particles)

Firework Star

Currently, most of the 32k melons have reverted, we are trying to find a bypass but as of now, only about 60 of these melons have lived through the bypass.

if you have any 32k melons yourself, don't put them in a chest, shulker, or ender chest, keep them in your inventory and stay at your base if you want to keep them.

If you do have them, we can take them if you want after we find a bypass so you don't have to worry about it, we also protect the illegal items from raids, etc.

Bases we have raided.

No name base (3/1/2020)

Nothing is really known about the base aside from it being made in probably early or late 2016, we have no idea how the base survived that long as its only 100k from 0 0,

tweetsauce, zopac, cheeseborga, Zora_TheExplorer, are the griefers, 2 of those people are not in the 4 Amigos.

We are currently getting clips from the video to put on youtube.

Project Atlas (3/2/20)

This was a self grief because the coordinates for the Project Atlas main base were leaked during the backdoor, so our plan was to grief it before anyone else could because the members from Project Atlas had joined the 4 amigos. We were alerted that the base had been griefed so we logged on to see the damage. To our surprise the griefers were AWFUL PLAYERS, only blowing up the entrance, spawning some withers and for some reason attempting to blow up end portals we had placed, they were idiots for sure. Not even touching our 1000 dub stash and auto duper. So Emperize, tweetsauce, wetpp, and a little help from kx11 blew up the base to stop it from getting griefed and further, there is now nothing left of the base.

We managed to get some footage of the grief but wetpp decided to open a trapped chest triggering the explosion before we were finished.

Discord Roles you could gain in the server.

1/4 Amigos [Founders] (you cant get this role, the main leaders of the group)

Old Amigos

Super Inviter

Mid Amigos


New Amigos

Almost a retarded loser

Retarded losers