0b0t Wiki

The Healers is a group that is created by two interesting people which is PeeWee75 and CavieraSand A.K.A peewee75 and Cav/Croissant on May 10 2020. This group is very active. Currently 7 total members. This group has a very interesting story. CavieraSand met PeeWee75 in a small anarchy server, they started playing together for a long time. A few weeks later the anarchy server decided to shut down. Cav and PeeWee went quiet for 1 week until PeeWee suggested that they should try and play 0b0t. So they joined and started a small base somewhere around 100k away from spawn. A few days later, both of them decided to move and that's how the group is made. The Healers have only 1 goal is to help the new members of the 0b0t server. Currently, The Healers doesn't have any allies/enemies

The Healers Discord :https://discord.gg/DZBGDUp