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The Insurgency is a Faction Owned & Lead by iT0x1c (Farb switched accounts with iT0x1c after his was hacked).

Base Status:

3/8/20 - Stash discovered and coods were leaked. Griefed slightly and later destroyed by iT0x1c upon this discovery.

[Date Unknown] - Used to base at Winter Melon; Base was unsafe, and was griefed by TPR and Harness. The only chunks that remain untouched are dupe chunks in the lower levels, and the zombie grinder. Currently in the process of building a new base and dupe stash.

10/1/19 - Created new base location, currently in the process of building the new base

10/22/19 - Recruited multiple new members, base construction underway

Major Events:

Spawn smooth, smoothed around ~1k blocks of spawn in all 4 directions, later griefed, only a section remains as of 9/30/19 (American Calendar)

Relationships With Other Groups:

War - Harness

Allied - Blight, HiImHappy's Group (Unnamed)

Current Members:

iT0x1c (Leader)

Farbfinsternis (Leader; Account got compromised, currently using iT0x1c's account)

Moinkel (Elite Member)

Cosmic_Star543 (Elite Member)

HiImHappy (Member, Honorary)(POG)

buyrankpls (Member)

coran2 (Member)

IAmBookBanned (Member)

Mustard104 (Member)

LOLERN5 (Member)

Russman (Member)

Tyboifly (Member)