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The Last Imperium is a group that Grief Bases and PVP. The Last Imperium is grewing slowly, and carefully selected members.


  • Founded by Java3 And Argonix
  • Base with duped IIegals
    • In 2020 java3 and Argonix meet at spawn of 0b0t. Both of them where new to the server. So they thought they should make a group. The group was founded in 15 May 2020. They made their first base in the millions. And carefully selected their members into the group. Most of the members where close friends to them.



Members []

Current Members

Java3 (Founder / Client Developer)

Argonix (Founder)

HippoHead (Member / Client Developer)

Sert (Member)

Bythm (Member)

PlayerMayer (Member)


Client info

Java Client

The client they where using was Java Client developed by Java3


Member Info

Java3 (Unknown)

Argonix (Unknown)

HippoHead (Unknown)

Sert (Unknown)

Bythm (Unknown)

PlayerMayer (Unknown)