0b0t Wiki

The United Allies of 0b0t were founded months ago by three Imperial members, brickzebra, AlmostnoGood, an ex emperium, and PixelatedSun. They aimed to bring stability to the anarchy community, and are close to acheiving it. The UA currently has multiple members, with official terms soon to be written. They also have their own currency, UA units, 1UA unit is 1 imp gold. (Learn more here)  

Bases - 

So far, only one dedicated base has been created (recently griefed) but others aim to be made in future.

Members - 

Groups counted as members include 

  • Imperial's 0b0t branch
  • Red Cross
  • Emperium
  • Oasis
  • Nexodus
  • Spawn Savers

To become a member, please contact one of the founders, or a Council Member.

Discord -

Please go here to join.