0b0t Wiki

Every year, 0b0t shuts down in March. It's just a damn fact.

In march of 2019, the server shut down as Leee said "nah man fuck this i aint payin for this shit" (sic) which began the tradition.

In march of 2020, the server shut down. itxchi released the coordinates to his base and a world download. Then, the server came back up again.

In march of 2021, the server once again shut down due to the results of 0bOp being tired of being owner. This resulted in the three owners era.

In march of 2022, FlamingBird101 told 0bOp to continue the tradition of shutting down the server in March and he refused. So Flaming flew all the way to Germany and raided 0bOp's house, stealing the server, the SSDs, and around 2600 New Shekels ($800 USD) of other server equipment.