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The story of Donkey Eggs and how they could've been leaked.

The following event consists of a bit of admin abuse

rogos_ asks 0bOp why aren't donkeys spawning so he sent a teleport request to rogos_ and rogos_ accepted it. After 0bOp finally teleports, 0bOp gives rogos_ a donkey egg by accident and rogos_ gave it back to 0bOp because -

  • rogos_ didn't want to get banned or his inventory and ender chest wiped
  • the fate of donkey eggs would've been shortened because 0b0t would have an illegals plugin till the circulation of donkey eggs starts
  • ThunderCloud_ would cry (not sure about this one)

The following event happened at New Spooken

There are 3 donkeys spawned by 0bOp.

Some evidence.

0b0t admin abuse proof-0.png

I have no evidence of me holding the eggs sadly.