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i need money

This is the ultimatum

Why donations? I don't want to run 0b0t anymore. I am tired of it and it is boring to me and I don't want to spend any more hours fixing it when needed, I would rather just shut it down forever and move on. It will work like this: as long as donations each month are reached, it will show me that you want to continue playing on 0b0t and I will continue to host it and fix stuff when needed.

But as soon as a month goes unpaid, I shut it down and release the world. Also I might host a version of 0b0t that I would enjoy running and pay for myself. It will cost a total of $12.000 each month to have the server continue running and me fixing it when needed.

No bullshit included in donations needed, exact prices and information written out in the 'info' tab. I do not intend to gain profit out of this. It is possible to be 'rewarded' for donations! Check the 'info' tab more more information.