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Thoriiii is rumored to be the descendant of Athelstan due to the 33k weapons he wielded during battle of the Farlands. He first joined 0b0t sometime during may 2020 during peak Covid-19 to evade the authorities due to spreading bio-chemical diseases (The Origin of Covid). He has been rumored to be apart of one of the backdoors; providing the payload and hosting the server that allowed Ethereas to use the log4shell exploit even after the patch. During the backdoor, many illegal items were created, including a new covid strand called "Cloutvid 420." There exists an item from LeeLikes4YearOlds that was backdoored due to 0bOp using a plugin that 0bOp coded but Lee still backdoored. It does infinite attack damage and has every enchantment in the game including 1.12+.

Involvement In The Server

Due to his involvement in multiple exploits, map resets, and many more, the police have been alerted and went to his location multiple times; however they have been bribed off using illegal items from the Lee backdoor. Many of these illegal items contain classified documents leaked to him by a backdoor in the US Government's database — many of these in game items could lead to millions of deaths if leaked — including the nuclear launch codes from when Biden was sworn in to office.


Thori has been a part of multiple groups; most notably is The Imperials of 0b0t.org. He has been in some group bases including "Etherville", "Eridanus", "Renatus", "Imperial HQ", and others. While he has contributed different things to most of them, others he was just there to visit.

Pvp Encounters

He's fought with many people, including infamous popbob. He easily fought off popbob from Etherville and stole his 32ks. The battle was long fought with both sides exhausting their resources, including enchanted golden apples, stacked armor, bows, and multiple Cum Potions. It's unknown if he and popbob ever dated, but it's rumored they did after the fight, mainly because of the gay sex tape that leaked following the fight. He also fights with Xavier_Destroyer IRL daily — it's been going on for over 194 years (when will it ever end?)

Friendship with the Admins

He became friends with Ethereas after Ethie teleported himself to Thori. They had a fierce battle that spanned 32 minutes, resulting in a friendship that was unbreakable... until Ethereas teleported @e to Thoriiii while he was building a grave to his dead parrot Tilly,

He became friends with 0bOp after Lee sent him his phone number and Thori used it to track him down to his house and steal console access for about 94 seconds.

He became friends with TimJongUn_ after Tim tped behind him using Nocom and obliterated his base that had been standing since 1994 (Rip Thorium Town 1994).


Known Altercations

Suge Knight put out a hit on Thori for $250k in 1993 due to some gang activites that included the leaking of Tupac unreleased Illegal Album called "Abbey Roads."

P.Diddy put out a hit on Thori for $2.59 MIllion in 2002 for finding where his son was and pissing on the grave (RIP Tyrice WIlliams Tyrone 10 Piece Bucket Meal From KFC Lagwar IV).

Ethereas put out a hit of 1 custom illegal that does infinite speed to whomever could murder Thori in a 1v1 scenario.

Thoriii decided one day that he could keep FlamingBird101's totem hostage and still demands a ransom to get it back. Flaming stated that he refuses to relieve it, thus the totem has since been kept hostage. If you are aware of the whereabouts of this totem please call 1-502-564-2611 toll free.

0b0t Times 6.png

ABC news decided to put out a hit on Thoriiii with the reward of $92,414 for him dead or alive. This is only after Thori started the 0b0t.org Newspaper© and spread real news across the server. (Use of the provided image of it will result in a DMCA request and a lawsuit.)

Rumors about Thori

There's common misconnections about Thori, he would never hard anybody. He's been rumored to be apart of the

  1. Hitler Youth
  2. Ku Klux Klan
  3. Dream SMP
  4. Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti