Toxilus[edit | edit source]

Toxilus has been founded on the 4th of July 2019.

Toxilus isn't private anymore.

They started a base with all new people in Toxilus which got griefed on the second day, bravebrowntiger griefed it, an unknown toxilus member (tntpower10)  proceeded to bookban him. This is the same behaviour as when [removed] ([removed]) got mistaken for leaking the coords to the first point nero base, he also got bookbanned for it.

The goal of Toxilus is to defend allies secure rare items and survive.

Members:[edit | edit source]

Not Public. (You can talk to tntpower10 and Titunu for more information)

Allies:[edit | edit source]

  1. Point Nero [inactive]
  2. Singularity [Disbanded]
  3. TPR [dead]
  4. Harness [not anymore]
  5. VorteX [disbanded]

Griefs[edit | edit source]

Bravebrowntiger's AntiToxilus base

Unknown dupe stash

FINZ0's spawnbase

Notable events

Crashing the server several times. [Was Pr3roxDLC, not Toxilus to be exact]

Bookbanning Bravebrowntiger [kingOf0b0t]

Leaking Apollyon Client v.0.2

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