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Trition Clan (founded by how2die (tonic1337) and drachenfreund503) (07/18/2019)

  • Overview

The Trition Clan has Dupe Stashes all around the World.

The Trition Clan only consists of 2 members.

  • Goals

The Members focus on creating huge dupe stashes and bases. (07/18/2019)

The Members decided to isolate themselves from everyone else, should the server be up ever again. (08/02/2019)

  • Members

how2die (Founder + Retired)

Drachenfreund503 (Founder + Retired)

  • Affiliates

The Clan is affiliated with the AKA Clan.

  • History

The Clan betrayed the Exile Clan (founded by Nevstor). The Members leaked the coords to every Dupe Stash of the Exile Clan to the AKA Clan.

The Base of the AKA Clan got griefed by ooDark and as a revenge, the Members wanted to grief ooDarks Base but got tricked into thinking its his, but in reality it was Street_y's (which was shared with ephilitq) who is a part of Singularity.

The Members of the Triton Clan don't want to fight with the Singularity Clan.

Since Drachenfreund and me quit the server this clan isn't active anymore. (05/20/2020)

  • Enemies

None (07/22/2019)