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TyTheFireGuy joined 0b0t on April 19th, 2020. He joined Imperials approximately 3 days later on April 22nd, 2020. Ty has over 14 days of total playtime and has based at several locations, as well as contributing to various public works projects such as highways. Some of his greatest achievements include Mapart, Fire Tower, and enormous Overworld Highway Projects. He began his hiatus from Anarchy in the late summer of 2020, and would randomly return throughout 2021 until his official return on 2/24/22.


Ty's Main Map Art

Ty is a notable Imperial with over a year of history in the group. He quickly rose within the ranks of the Imperials due to his speed with creating highways and amassing gold. He eventually would become IIP Consul, running the entire public works program for the multi-server group. He became so trusted by the Imperials that he would be invited to the First Great Imperial City, a base that would be destroyed due to his direct actions. While at the base, he collaborated with Ethereas, Wutangpanda46, FlamingBird101, and chose_007 to create Fire Tower, one of the largest non-schematic structures built on 0b0t. Unfortunately, FlamingBird101 was an insider for Team Clean, which brought the demise of several Imperial Bases, including The First Great Imperial City, Outpost Hiems, and other locations. Due to his main base being destroyed, he gathered his belongings and moved around the remaining Imperial Bases as a refugee. He would log off for the last time at Cyrodiil, one of the greatest Imperial Cities. He would eventually log back on and find Cyrodiil destroyed, and move back to spawn where he would remain there until he returned to the Imperials on Feburary 24th, 2022.

The Return

TyTheFireGuy returned to 0b0t and Anarchy on Februrary 24th, 2022. His first course of action was to return to the Imperials, which was still a thriving group on the dying server. He moved to Tiberia, a base run by RocketMan9 and seb_altgamer. He made friends with notable players such as Thoriiii, Franzcak, keleemo, and others, while maintaining his old friendships with Ethereas, brickzebra, and Wutangpanda46. He duped kits that he had kept in his ender chest, and made his way to where he would build TyTheFireGuy's Lair, a base that only Ethereas has been to. Using his Lair as his main base of operations, he would travel to Imperial Cities such as Bas3 69, Arcadia, and the New Imperial City run by brickzebra. He was at the Styx Main Base for the day it was alive, but being a complete dumbass, TPed someone who he thought was at the base, but wasn't actually a member. TyTheFireGuy currently is still active, planning out large projects, building at bases, duping block-specific kits such as wool and concrete, and working on more map arts. On March 19th, TyTheFireGuy and Dripps traveled to 2b2t_'s stash and griefed it.


THE GREAT BATTLE OF CHICKEN EGGYPT!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!!!! IT WAS INSANE!!!


TyTheFireGuy's Personal Bases

Fire Tower at The First Great Imperial City

Fire Province (Ty's Imperial Recruit Camp

  • TyTheFireGuy's Lair (2/27/22 - Present)
  • The First Great Imperial City
  • Fire Province

Imperial Bases

  • Outpost Hiems
  • Outpost Faunus
  • Trydent
  • Cyrodiil
  • Tiberia (2/6/22 - Present)
  • Bas3 69 (3/16/22 - Present)
  • Outpost Aesica (3/19/22 - Present)
  • Outpost Aquilius (3/19/22 - Present)
  • The Modern Imperial City (1/27/22 - Present)

Other Group Bases

  • Styx First Main Base (3/10/22 - 3/11/22) (whoops)
  • Hornet Main Base

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