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Unholy Legion (previously named Unholy Crew, or just Team Unholy) - a group that originates from 9b9t.org, created by Havok420 and Pasik2204 at the beggining of 2020. It originally consisted of 4 members. The group has died in late 2020 and faced many attempts to revive it, until it was finally revived in april of 2021 by Havok420. The group began growing and accumulating new members.The group is semi-open. The main point of Unholy Legion is griefing and building (including mapart creation). During the group's golden days, Unholy Legion used to have over 40 active members, dedicated to both destruction and creation. The group currently consists of 8 members.

Current group members:

Havok420/MinisterOfCrack, Pasik2204, potatolaptop, V9ine, Thoriiii, Advice Message, HealinqPots, ChildR_, _Lostforreal_

Former group members: (most notable ones)

- MajorSOPA/StopHoleCamping, TNIS0/Shtangala22, Psychogenic, LavTheLad007, dog_destroyer, 0UAM0, DastardlyVillain, Bok (9b9t), Crooxus (9b9t)