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Void Temple

Void Temple was a temple built by 1_p and ProGab near a big chunk discontinuity which has destroyed bedrock.


Nobody knows how the Glitch happend. Some people say its cause the map of 0b0t had some drives failures in the past.

ThePrxjekt found the Chunk Error while exploring at spawn. PixelatedBrayden punched ThePrxjekt into the Void, after he tpd to him. ThePrxjekt died.

After that PixelatedBrayden contacted 1_p.

ThePrxjekt finding Chunk Error.png
Another screenshot.png
PixelatedBraiden exploring the glitch.png


The temple was started to be built on 16.06.2019 and was finished the same day. The Blocks that were used to build it: Obsidian, White Concrete, Light Blue Concrete and America Banners.

Dimension: Overworld

Coords: 0, -1,765 (or see the picture below)


The Void Temple was griefed by Akatsuki (disbanded) using TNT and Withers (now killed). Some players thought of rebuilding the Temple.



On 24/11/2019 tntpower10 and ThePrxjekt had the idea to rebuild Void Temple. ThePrxjekt tooked a Worlddownload from the ruin and started a aternos server. They rebuilded it in creative mode and used shematica to rebuild it on the server later.

Griefed 2

Void Temple was griefed again, probably by the player kyjowi, whoever this is.


2019-06-16 11.34.37.png

First three pictures are screenshot before the Temple was build. (Screenshots by ThePrxjekt)

2019-06-16 09.38.24.png

Next picture shows the temple outside, the fifth picture shows the Chunk Discontinuity near the temple and the sixth picture shows the temple from the inside and the original book in a chest, that was found by tntpower10. (Screenshots by tntpower10)

The last two pictures show the rebuild by tntpower10 and ThePrxjekt. (Screenshots by ThePrxjekt)

Void Temple Now

Void Temple got rebuilded the 3th time by ProGab cause he was bored af.


2019-06-19 17.28.42.png
Temple Rebuild.png

It got griefed again probably.

Rebuild at different coords

VoidTemple was rebuilded by ThePrxjekt/Sadprn and Progab at different coords, but got griefed after 1 month becuz of a bigger building near it that was posted on reddit.

There are no rebuilding plans in the near future, its just not fun to rebuild the same shit nonstop bruh