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What Was Vtang?

Vtang was once the most pretentiosl group on the server. They stocked and created a wide variety of kits, starting with the SCC cloned Vtang Starter Kit. They fought at spawn merely for sport, causing the demise of many players who happened to be passing by. What was most interesting about Vtang was their adversity to anything Imperial. When the Imperials infiltrated the server, the Vtangers reacted in a most violent way.


These are the main members of Vtang at it's prime:

Jayzyy (SquidLauncer)


FairySpit (AdonIsAeron)



BarrenDomeFan (ThunderCloud_)

The Fall of Vtang

What Happened to Vtang?

The fall of Vtang seems to have started arount the time that DogeCube and ezdf tped to Timg3000 just after ItsMystix tped. This allowed both players to infiltrate the main Vtang Stash which was being moved to a new location. The players obtained around 8 doublechests of Vtang kits which were about to be taken out of comission. When that was over, ItsMystix left vtang and betrayed the coords of the new base to OofCape.

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