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There are many small YouTubers on 0b0t, most channels try to promote their group or gain clout on the server. Best playlist of almost all videos: link

Channel Info Activity
PurpleHax hes kinda bad at the game Over 12+ months ago
FarmerJoe Made one 0b0t video Over 12+ months ago
alistair Griefing Videos Unknown
Grant Playz Games PVP videos Over 6+ months ago
The Akatsuki dead groups channel Over 12+ months ago
Trapppie griefing videos Over 12+ months ago
Toxilus Groups Channel, one vid Over 12+ months ago
Streety877 Base Tour Videos Over 1+ month ago
FINZO 3 videos Unknown
CrylicArk General Videos + 2b2t PVP Over 12+ months ago
ThePrxjekt Unlisted Spooken Client Video and Music Unknown
Madam Giggles Made videos walking around spawn and talking about the

surroundings and what she found on her adventures.

Over 12+ months ago
3vt Pvp and griefs Active
LilGanja PVP, base tours, history videos (hopefully soon) Over 6+ months ago
Anonymous Dragon Server Tour Videos. Over 6+ months ago
Gulemo Czech youtuber that is starting with videos. Active
Eret007 / chose_007 Makes 0b0t videos from griefing to dupe totorials. Over 1+ month ago
FoxFloof Small channel who streams 0b0t regularly and gets good views. Over 1+ month ago
Deucela_Sama 0b tutorials and map artist. Over 6+ months ago
Proton pvp and griefing videos, mainly 2b aus Over 1+ month ago
Ethereas Makes the best 0b0t videos! Active

Add yourself if you have at least one video or stream on the 0b0t server. Don't try to promote your channel without having 0b0t content.