0b0t Wiki

The begining.

Zuzulache, original join date 22 august, joined 6b6t while looking for 2b2t alternatives, the first days he was walking around spawn trying to obey being book banned, almost failed, gladly the books didnt work on him.

After a few days of looking for kits, he started duping. the first kit he duped was lee's stacked kit V2 then got onto making a base at the coords around 100k -20k. After making an unofficial team with player named alistiar (now knows as) and killing Lyant after finding his base. He made a team called Krusty Crab 6b6t, which was the official name, with the members : A_KFC_RAT, Twitch_Lae, alistiar xoxly and some more. After one month of killing players, Zuzulache (main former) left the team.

Knowing that the base was already found, he decided to grief it along with alistiar for good.


IN the 3 months, Zuzulache has gotten in a lot of arguments. First being with FarmerJoe_ , then some of his friends. While everything was happening, many players started joining 6b6t, one of them being Raider00,

While Zuzulache was still a nomaid, looking to make a base somewhere in the overworld, Raider00 was creating a team named ''Veterans" of 6b6t. At the time, there was a lot of controversy, because of so called 32k chickens, which zuzulache liked calling nuggets. Eitherway, using them got him into Raider's team.

Raider's team contained:




PhillSlow_ (remember this name)

And some more.

The begining of the end.

After a long walk with the "vets", Zuzulache retired from the team, and that's how everything started.

After a while, Zuzulache got into altercations with "vet" members starting pvp fights and in the end losing one of them. While looking to make a team called "Anti-Vets" he encountered PhillSlow_ which agreed to help him destroy vets, what Zuzulache didn't know at that time was that Phill was a member of the "vets". After getting betrayed and getting his plans leaked, he decided to have one more fight that will decide everything, with one of the superior players of the "vets". After losing due to not having enough totems on him, he challenged, the owner of "vets", Raider00.

Sadly we never got to see that as Raider00 never had the balls to do it.

What's next?

As of right now, Zuzulache has not been seen in over 2 weeks on the server and doing /jd Zuzulache will just give a error saying that the player could not be found in the database.

We will learn by time.